[PREMIERE] Varien LP Review, Part 2: Four Women Bust Out Of Binary Love

[This is part 2 of our three part special series covering the exquisite as fuck new Varien LP. We thought music as complex and rich as this in its humanity deserved a likewise response. So we ditched the traditional 411 format and went for a creative approach. We wanted to show you where the music took us. And music this deep took us to surprising places. BUY THE LP ON ITUNES.] PART 2 INCLUDES THE VOICES OF FOUR OF OUR CIS-FEMALE WRITERS: Tabitha [T.NEUD10110.exe], Emily [E.SCHA10111.exe], Chelsea [C.RAE1101.exe], and Genevieve [G.COL1010.exe].

[VERSUS] Lane 8 ft. Solomon Grey- Hot As You Want (Emily vs. Kavi Dual Review)

Here at The Sights and Sounds we don’t always agree on music. Just like you and your friends. Yeah, sometimes we fight, sometimes it’s a whole world of Marvel vs. Capcom in our crew page forum as we go at it over music. Lovingly, of course. We feel strongly about music and we know you do too. So that’s why we bring you Versus, a periodic series featuring two of our writers giving opposing takes on a track. This time up? Our senior editor, Kavi, and our Dance Music/Festival correspondent Emily. The writers will give a ‘nay’ (negative) or a ‘yay’ positive review and rank the song on scale of 1-10. And don’t worry, we aren’t turning into Pitchfork.